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About me 

I'm Liam Vincent and I'm a photographer from Wellington, New Zealand

I've been doing photography since December 2019, I have a strong passion for it and started taking it seriously as a business at the start of 2021. I mostly take photos for the Automotive & Music industry here in New Zealand, Working with Brands, Artists / Bands, and Independent people. 


I have recently expanded my portfolio to portraits and landscapes. When I'm not taking action shot's of some of the fastest motorcycles or extremely loud music, You will find me taking photos in the middle of nowhere or out and about taking portrait shots.

I am open to new ideas, So if your wanting to work with me but I may not photograph what you are wanting I'm sure we can figure something out and discuss.


Make sure to check out my Portfolio and If you like what you see, Feel free to contact me and let's get shooting together! - Liam

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